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As heard on the news

hot trademark gold rush

Donald Trump’s Multiverse Trademark Disputes Settled in USTPO

The Franchise is now BOOMING in this Industry worth $5bn (£3.37bn) a year.

Trump is also known for his franchising business model: Trump Tower, Trump Golf Resorts, Miss Universe Franchise, The Apprentice TV Show had his eyes set on this premium trademark. 

The question is why?

What makes this trademark special?

This new trademark is expanding globally using a Plug & Play scalable version of Trumps "from zero to hero" multilevel revenue generating franchise strategy.

You can start making money instantly by taking the Franchise of your country "if it's still available".

How can I become a millionaire?

When we see a business take off. We often think... “Wish I had that idea first

Like The 21-Year-Old who Made $1 Million selling pixels arranged in a grid. "Each pixel sold for $1" nowadays called "the $250m APP Man".

Did you miss that opportunity? before it went viral?

Welcome to the next opportunity you heard before anyone else.

Each Franchises is a "cash cow" that will skyrocket due to Affiliate, MLM Marketing, OTT distribution and much more.

There are 195 countries in the world. Each franchise functions similar to purchasing an internet domain. Even if you just park the domain It still gains value but well-nurtured will open multiple revenue streams.

Like a domain this franchise system is monetized, plug & play and scalable, thanks to emerging technologies and the internet.

Franchised MLM opportunity

When you grow. The entire partnership network platform benefits.

Tourism, Leisure, Beauty, Marketing, Television and Entertainment are global industries contributing billions of dollars in turnover.

This Premium Trademark provides opportunities of expansion and growth in all these industries combined.

you may be sitting on a revenue gold mine

MULTIVERSE is a Plug & Play
Done For You
Franchising System

Our best interest is to have you setup and generating revenues for your self & the entire network ASAP

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